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Restoration Photo Galleries

Be sure to also see our BEFORE and AFTER galleries.

BigBear Restoration can handle a variety of restoration jobs as demonstrated in the below pictures. No matter how simple or severe, day or night, we will handle your restoration project with professionalism, pride and respect for you and your home. View our home restoration project gallery for dramatic before and after pictures demonstrating the level of quality work you can expect from BigBear Restoration.

Often shingles blow off during big storms and can cause real potential problems. These homeowners did the right thing and called Big Bear which eliminated the chance of any further water damage.   During a high-wind storm, a limb detached from a tree and fell onto this roof. It wasn't until the insured noticed damages on the interior that the issue with the roof was discovered.  We secured the property from further damages by tarping the area that was affected.  
This tree appeared to have fallen from from slight wind and a weak root system. Not always the kind of surprise you expect to get from your neighbors!   We provided tree removal services, tarped the roof & secured the structural integrity of this property.  
This house was literally almost cut in half by two large pine tops that fell in the exact same spot on the roof. It happened around 3am during an ice storm. It does not matter when you need us, we will be there for you.   Our job is not only to respond in emergency situations but to also make sure everything is safe. We removed this damaged deck to ensure that it did not fall on anyone. Luckily these owners were out of town.  
We offer board up services to secure the property for safety and security reasons.   Coupled with our Emergency Services; we also offer complete restoration services to bring your home or business back to the way it was before the loss.  
Fire damage and water damage often go hand in hand. This kitchen is full of fire damage but due to the fire department and sprinklers we also had to extract many gallons of water from all surfaces.   Often areas unaffected by fire are damaged in attempt to control the fire.   

Pipe burst while the homeowner was away from home resulting in a ceiling collapse in the kitchen.  We Removed all of the damaged materials and set equipment in place for dryout

  The unit next to this one had a water loss that affected another commercial property.  Here you can see our equipment in action after we extracted the standing water.  

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